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Pamphlets were the first social media

As soon as the printing press was invented, so was the pamphlet. Religious tracts, decrying others blasphemy or proclaiming a slight variant on the gospel, were produced on mass and passed from believer to believer (a 15th-century retweet). The better the pamphlet the more of it was in demand. Great theological debates incited ‘pamphlet wars’ between rival pamphleteers. The Pamphlet Podcast pays homage to tract, the medium that aided the spread of religious thought like no other, by adopting its namesake and updating to our centuries viral craze: Podcasts.

Behind the Microphone

Susan Ritchie


Historian of Unitarian Universalism

Sean Neil-Barron


Self-Proclaimed Amateur History Geek.

Joshua Leach


Millennial James Luther Adams

Blogging at Six Foot Turkey

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